Humanity and Twitter Likes

News 11:04 April 2024:

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Twitter is a good avenue both for businesses and for personal accounts. We can post what we want as long as it meets the thresh-holds set by twitter which are a bit low. In order for one’s account to be engage-able and relatable it is important for you to sound humane. This makes people know that you are a true account and not a spam account. Using twitter likes could help you do this. First, having activity on your account is the first sign of being humane and liking other people’s tweets helps you do this.

Secondly, you can try livening up your profile through what you like. You can like tweets that are funny, sarcastic but not controversial and also those that lead to conversation. Twitter likes also need to be used well as using them on tweets that are offensive could be bad for business or even destroy a person’s reputation. You could like tweets you find great and related to what your account is about. This helps people view you as someone they can engage with and socialize with on twitter.