Getting the Free Instagram Views

News 11:04 April 2024:

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Everyone is looking for visibility on social media; this is a fact that cannot be denied. Everyone wants to be noticed for the content that they post, everyone wants to get those may free likes and the many free followers. This is very understandable. There is really no point of being on social media if you are not enjoying all the attention and appreciation that comes with posting all these photos and updating your status. That being sad, it is thus important that as a social media user, you invest in ways to make sure that you are getting all this attention with each and every post that you make. In the event that you have for a while been looking for a way to get those many free Instagram views, read on below to find out ways in which you can do so.

Ensure that you comment and like what other people are linking. It is important to note that the social media world is purely a give and take one. People give to those that give them back. If you are selfish on social media, the system will definitely push you out. This simply means that you need to like other people’s posts for them to also like yours. You need to comment on other people’s photos for them to comment on yours. Give to social media and social media will definitely give back.

When posting your images, make use of the very popular harsh tags like #tbt. #love, #photooftheday and so on and so forth. This will have the impact of having your photos pop up when searches are conducted on Instagram. This will definitely increase your visibility as searches are usually conducted both by people who know you and those who do not know you. Just make sure that the photos are good enough to attract even the attention of those that do not know you.

Check the timing of when you will be posting your photos. You might dismiss this but research has actually been conducted and it has been proven that there are the ideal times during which to post photos on Instagram. These are times when you can be sure that most people will be online and you will be able to attract a lot of traffic.  Si ideal to post photos at either 2am or 5pm. It is also highly advisable to post photos on Sundays and on Wednesdays.

When looking for people to follow on Instagram, be careful of thepeople that you follow. Do not be too rigid, keep an open mind and also keep an open eye. Go to the suggested people tab and follow the people that have been suggested. There is usually a good reason behind the suggesting of this people. Sometimes he reason is that following these people will get you the likes and followers that you are looking for. It is also advisable for you to follow people that make use of popular harsh tags like #likeforlike and #followme. These people have been known to be great at following people back.

Consistency is key on Instagram; consistency in terms of the content that you post and the frequency with which you post the content. You do not want to post great contenttoday that will keep people on the edge of their seats and thendisappoint them tomorrow. Ensure that you are consistently posting great and engaging content. The frequency with which you post content is very important. Once your followers note you as a regular poster and they know that they can always get great content on your page, you need to keep this up. The moment you go quiet for some time, you will start to lose some of your followers. Consistency is definitely key; once you start your followers on a high, you need to maintain them at that level. The moment you bring them down even a small notch, you will start to lose them.

As obvious as this sounds, make sure you post photos with faces. People want to see you and engage with you as a person. They would like to see you as a person that they can relate with; they would like to know the face behind all the content. Research has actually proven that photos that have faces of people tend to get many more likes compared to those without faces.

When posing photos make sure that you also tag all the people to home the photos are relevant. This will give you much more visibility than just having the photos on your page. The photos will appear on the user feeds of all the people that you have tagged and they will definitely end up beingviewed by so many other people. This will increase your visibility and trail people back to you and in turn you will get the may free Instagram views that you want.

There is one very important factor that most people ignore when posting their photos on Instagram. The lighting that you use on your photo is very important. Lighting makes the photo visible and this is obviously why it is such an important factor. The photos that you post have to have between 65 and 85% lighting. This will make them better looking and definitely enhance their quality. Good looking and quality photos easily get likes and followers on Instagram.

Be a story teller; this has always worked. Put together a number of photos and use them to tell the story. Let the photos themselves do most of the talking. Just include a catchy caption with each photo that you put up. You will need to be extremely creative with the captions that you put up as this is the only way you will get the interest on your audience. Just make sure that you always have an interesting story to tell with the photos that you put up ad you will get the many followers, likes and views that you are looking for.