Five Types of massage chairs in the market

News 08:05 May 2024:

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A massage is a process of manipulation of soft body tissues, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that help in enhancing a person’s general well-being and promote good health. Traditionally a massage was done by the use of a person’s hands with special oils  to rub and knead of muscles and joints of the body resulting  in a relaxing feeling realizing any tension or pain from the body

With the world all going digital a massage chair has been invented to ease and lessen the amount of work involved in offering this service A massage chair is a special chair designed to offer this service, it allows easy access to the head, shoulders and the back of the person being massaged.

There are different types of massage chairs that one can choose from be it for personal or business functions. These chairs differ by the areas they target and pricing. They are namely:

Full body massage chairs

upper body massage chair

air massage chair

zero gravity massage chair

heat therapy massage chair.

1.Full body massage chairs

This type of massage chair targets the whole body of an individual, the area targeted are, neck, shoulders, back, calves, legs and the entire body. This kind of chair have many options that can be changed and adjusted accordingly depending on the individual preferences .the settings also will differ from supplier to supplier, but at the end of the day the whole body parts are the beneficiaries

  1. Upper body massage chair

This type of chair focuses on the upper body of the recipient and the massage areas targeted the back, neck, shoulders, and arms. It’s not a very common type of chair but its one of the options available in the market.  The different suppliers have various options available, some might recline, others might not. When it comes to pricing, it is slightly lower compared to the full body massage chair.


  1. The air massage chair

Air massage chairs have unique roller massages in them that offer the massaging action to a body. When it comes to this type of chair, there is a huge difference compared to the rest. The air massage chair uses special air bags called the plethora that provide the massaging. The type of massage given by this kind of chair is rather soft and intimate compared to the other types.  That sort of massage stands out compared to the other rest in the market. The areas targeted are arms, hands, feet, and legs. The roller system that presses one’s back is incorporated in the roller system of this chair. These systems work hand in hand with the air bags to provide an excellent full body massage of the recipient.

  1. zero gravity massage chair

This type of chair has a unique feature that allows for an incline that is referred to as zero gravity. The person receiving the massage will be lying flat on their back and have the vertebra in the spine to stretch and realign itself accordingly. If there is any tension that has been accumulated in the back will be released and proper posture restored. It’s more natural and great for the back. All this will happen while the massage is going on.

  1. The heat therapy massage chair

The heat treatment reduces soreness in muscles, alleviates any tension and promote the inner healing in a body, the positive effects of heat in a body, therefore, can not be ignored, this type of massage chair provides all the above benefits in the body because it uses heat in its functions.

The massage rollers inside the chair will heat up and allow for a warmly heated session to be carried out, the back of the chair in some designs will have heating pads that help in working through the muscles pain and tightness, therefore, providing relief and relaxation of the muscles.

When shopping for a massage chair be it for personal or commercial purposes, having the above knowledge on the varieties in the market will help an individual narrow down to a suitable option that will properly offer maximum benefits hence the feeling of achieving the value of your money. Whatever your choice will be, having a massage has many benefits to I will advise each person to go and get one!