4 Fresh Reasons you should be on twitter if you are a writer

News 10:03 March 2024:

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The most followed people on twitter are not writers. However, if you have the passion or skills of a great writer, there is no better place to harness your skills and interact with people than on twitter. It is a great place for not only helping you drive traffic to your website or blog, but a great place to let people know you and interact with you. In any case, you can easily attract 1000 twitter followers or more and enjoy the gratification that comes with being a little bit famous.

Twitter is also where the first news are broken on the Internet these days. And you don’t just get political news; every piece of news that interests you can be available on twitter. It is therefore a social network where you can learn and network and interact with other great writers like you. You can also be an inspiration to other twitter users by for instance helping them learn how to attract their first 1000 twitter followers.