Getting the Free Instagram Views

Everyone is looking for visibility on social media; this is a fact that cannot be denied. Everyone wants to be noticed for the content that they post, everyone wants to get those may free likes and the many free followers. This is very understandable. There is really no point of being on social media if you are not enjoying all the attention and appreciation that comes with posting all these photos and updating your status. That being sad, it is thus important that as a social media user, you invest in ways to make sure that you are getting all this attention with each and every post that you make. In the event that you have for a while been looking for a way to get those many free Instagram views, read on below to find out ways in which you can do so.

Ensure that you comment and like what other people are linking. It is important to note that the social media world is purely a give and take one. People give to those that give them back. If you are selfish on social media, the system will definitely push you out. This simply means that you need to like other people’s posts for them to also like yours. You need to comment on other people’s photos for them to comment on yours. Give to social media and social media will definitely give back.

When posting your images, make use of the very popular harsh tags like #tbt. #love, #photooftheday and so on and so forth. This will have the impact of having your photos pop up when searches are conducted on Instagram. This will definitely increase your visibility as searches are usually conducted both by people who know you and those who do not know you. Just make sure that the photos are good enough to attract even the attention of those that do not know you.

Check the timing of when you will be posting your photos. You might dismiss this but research has actually been conducted and it has been proven that there are the ideal times during which to post photos on Instagram. These are times when you can be sure that most people will be online and you will be able to attract a lot of traffic.  Si ideal to post photos at either 2am or 5pm. It is also highly advisable to post photos on Sundays and on Wednesdays.

When looking for people to follow on Instagram, be careful of thepeople that you follow. Do not be too rigid, keep an open mind and also keep an open eye. Go to the suggested people tab and follow the people that have been suggested. There is usually a good reason behind the suggesting of this people. Sometimes he reason is that following these people will get you the likes and followers that you are looking for. It is also advisable for you to follow people that make use of popular harsh tags like #likeforlike and #followme. These people have been known to be great at following people back.

Consistency is key on Instagram; consistency in terms of the content that you post and the frequency with which you post the content. You do not want to post great contenttoday that will keep people on the edge of their seats and thendisappoint them tomorrow. Ensure that you are consistently posting great and engaging content. The frequency with which you post content is very important. Once your followers note you as a regular poster and they know that they can always get great content on your page, you need to keep this up. The moment you go quiet for some time, you will start to lose some of your followers. Consistency is definitely key; once you start your followers on a high, you need to maintain them at that level. The moment you bring them down even a small notch, you will start to lose them.

As obvious as this sounds, make sure you post photos with faces. People want to see you and engage with you as a person. They would like to see you as a person that they can relate with; they would like to know the face behind all the content. Research has actually proven that photos that have faces of people tend to get many more likes compared to those without faces.

When posing photos make sure that you also tag all the people to home the photos are relevant. This will give you much more visibility than just having the photos on your page. The photos will appear on the user feeds of all the people that you have tagged and they will definitely end up beingviewed by so many other people. This will increase your visibility and trail people back to you and in turn you will get the may free Instagram views that you want.

There is one very important factor that most people ignore when posting their photos on Instagram. The lighting that you use on your photo is very important. Lighting makes the photo visible and this is obviously why it is such an important factor. The photos that you post have to have between 65 and 85% lighting. This will make them better looking and definitely enhance their quality. Good looking and quality photos easily get likes and followers on Instagram.

Be a story teller; this has always worked. Put together a number of photos and use them to tell the story. Let the photos themselves do most of the talking. Just include a catchy caption with each photo that you put up. You will need to be extremely creative with the captions that you put up as this is the only way you will get the interest on your audience. Just make sure that you always have an interesting story to tell with the photos that you put up ad you will get the many followers, likes and views that you are looking for.


Humanity and Twitter Likes

Twitter is a good avenue both for businesses and for personal accounts. We can post what we want as long as it meets the thresh-holds set by twitter which are a bit low. In order for one’s account to be engage-able and relatable it is important for you to sound humane. This makes people know that you are a true account and not a spam account. Using twitter likes could help you do this. First, having activity on your account is the first sign of being humane and liking other people’s tweets helps you do this.

Secondly, you can try livening up your profile through what you like. You can like tweets that are funny, sarcastic but not controversial and also those that lead to conversation. Twitter likes also need to be used well as using them on tweets that are offensive could be bad for business or even destroy a person’s reputation. You could like tweets you find great and related to what your account is about. This helps people view you as someone they can engage with and socialize with on twitter.

What is a Social Panel Tool bar and should you buy it?

If you search the words “Social resellers” on any search engine, there are many results about programs and apps that help you manage your different social network account. So, what are these programs, who are they meant for? Are they efficient? Yes, there are a number of programs for sale apps that can help you manage all your social media accounts. If you buy the right one, you could update all your instagram posts and get notifications about your twitter activities every time you get online.

There are also specialized instagram panels for instance, twitter panels and panels for almost all other major social networks. Their greatest advantage is that you can manage all your activities, including making timed updates on twitter and instagram as you had planned. The downside however, is that they won’t reply to comments your followers made and neither will they retweet what you had personally wished to share.


Since purchasing of Instagram likes was made possible, quite a number of companies leaped up in a bid to provide an easy solution for those social media users that were looking for simpler ways that are much quicker to get these likes on Instagram. However, considering in mind that there are many of these companies on offer, it is very important for you to make a couple of considerations before actually deciding which the best place to increase your likes is. You have to be vigilant if you want to get the best quality service.

The first thing that you should always consider is the security of the company. Not many people know it but buying Instagram likes is illegal. So you have to entrust a company that will not get your account suspended or banned. Furthermore, go for those that are renowned in the sense that they will provide authentic quality likes for your account. Go for a company that will give you options to choose from so that you can be the one to call the shots and not a company that will coerce you in buying a single premium.

How effectively keep your followers engaged

Do you like telling stories? If you do, you can make it on any social media platform. Do you know that you can increase your Instagram likes by just a story? You might be wondering how. The answer is quite simple, for every photo or caption you take, don’t just post it. Believe you me it will make no impact, people will view and pass by but if you want it to be captivating, write and interesting story behind it. People are quite interested in knowing the story behind each photo posted.
So next time you post a caption, include a little story. You will be surprised the great effect such a caption and story will give. If it is interesting and captivating, you will effectively increase your Instagram likes in just one day. Your viewers will be captivated by the same and will not want to miss out each time you post a photo. Keep your viewers happy and just give them what they are looking for by making it simple. Be creative enough to pull attention by what you post.

Are you targeting 1000 twitter followers? Here is how you can achieve that

Gaining twitter followers has for a long time now proved to be a demanding undertaking for many twitter users and especially those that are not public figures in the society or celebrities for that matter. We all know that it is always the aspiration of each and every twitter user to gain as many twitter followers as they can and without any shadow of doubt, the undertaking has certainly not been a walk in the park for them. In most case scenarios, taking a look at their twitter profiles, you will notice a very huge disparity between the number of their followers and the number of their followers and the number that they are following.

But that can be solved very easily. Fortunately, one can gain up to 1000 twitter follower in a day or just a short period of time by purchasing twitter followers from a local trusted dealer on the internet. In most cases, you will find that these dealers will offer a couple of packages. Depending on the various premiums that you will get at your disposal, you can buy the one that will suit you and you will be surprised that gaining more than 1000 twitter followers within a day is not something that cannot be achieved.

Easy way to get 500 Twitter Followers

Buying 500 twitter followers is one of the easiest ways to gain followers quickly. It is not time consuming and is relatively cheap. It is a good way to help gain more followers and also increase your visibility on the twitter arena. However there are others ways one may opt to gain the 500 followers. An easy way to do it is start a follower’s gain train. You post a tweet asking people to follow everyone who retweets the tweet. You also ask people to follow back the people who have followed them. It can be both fun and rewarding.

People love having new followers. You can also change your username to e.g. Jake’s gain train so that people can easily track your account and follow you. The more people you help gain more than 500 twitter followers the more will come looking to follow your account as they will be gaining in the process. It not only gets you more followers but also helps you gain more popularity. Ensure you post the tweet regularly but not too much. You also need to follow back those who follow you.

Here is a new way to gain 100 twitter followers real quick

For a long time now, gaining twitter followers has proved to be an uphill task for many users who already have accounts. It is always the desire of each and every person using twitter to have as many twitter followers as possible and the quest has not been a walk in the park for many and especially for those who are not public figures in the society. In most cases, when you take a look at their profiles, you will notice that they have followed very many people but the disparity in comparison to their followers is great.

With that said, that should not mean the end of them. Fortunately, they can gain up to 100 twitter followers in a short period of time just by buy twitter followers from a local trusted dealer on the internet. A dealer you can trust and rely on. Depending on the various premiums that you will get on offer, you can make a purchase that will suit you and you will be surprised that gaining more than 100 twitter followers within a day is not a pipe dream as many people would have deemed it to be.

Start a campaign

As unorthodox as it sound, you need to start a campaign to get those 500 twitter followers that you want. It is said that ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened and seek and you shall find. So if you are looking to get that high number of twitter followers, it is time that you start asking for them.

Reach out to the people that you know, ask them to follow you. No, this s not a desperate move, No it does not make you look lonely and needy. Bear in mind your goal, you are the one who knows yourself and you know what you want. You need to get those 500 twitter followers for whatever reason thus you need to employ any and all methods possible to get those followers. Ask them to follow you. Play your part by making sure that your page is full of interesting and quality content that will keep your followers entertained and then start asking people to follow you. You can go as far as asking even people that you do not know; you need not confine yourself to certain boundaries.

4 Fresh Reasons you should be on twitter if you are a writer

The most followed people on twitter are not writers. However, if you have the passion or skills of a great writer, there is no better place to harness your skills and interact with people than on twitter. It is a great place for not only helping you drive traffic to your website or blog, but a great place to let people know you and interact with you. In any case, you can easily attract 1000 twitter followers or more and enjoy the gratification that comes with being a little bit famous.

Twitter is also where the first news are broken on the Internet these days. And you don’t just get political news; every piece of news that interests you can be available on twitter. It is therefore a social network where you can learn and network and interact with other great writers like you. You can also be an inspiration to other twitter users by for instance helping them learn how to attract their first 1000 twitter followers.

Getting More Twitter Likes By Posting Links in Your Tweets.

Even with many social media platforms around us, more avenues of its uses have been developed. It is a confirmation that technology is never replaced but rather enhanced. With new inventions around us, we tend to assume that we don’t need the old one, but that is not the case. The new one only enhances the past platform by increasing efficiency. It is in this line that people are seeking to have more Twitter likes to help them in driving traffic to their blogs, landing pages, and various websites. How does this come about?

As you seek to increase your twitter followers that will increase your Twitter likes to the content you posting, incorporate links to pages you desire them to proceed to for more information. With the limited number of characters to used on Twitter, it is necessary to direct your clients to desired pages and products you intend to sell to them and offer further assistance where necessary. All you do is take your customers from the Twitter platform and direct them to your desired website or blog.f1

How does that even happen, you might wonder? It is very simple, you ask a question and allow people to vote and provide their opinions on the subject. At the end you tally the results and produce a concrete answer to the masses. How then will these get you twitter likes. It will increase your visibility on the platform. More and more people will get to know you. Juts ensure that you conduct credible polls and that are relevant to the audience on twitter. Polls that the people can relate to and ensure that eth discussion is one that would actually love to participate in.

Automated Twitter Likes for Increased Numbers

Technology can arguably be termed as the greatest gift to be given to humankind. It has worked wonders and miracles in our lives today. It has gone a long way to make our lives, easier, more convenient and much more comfortable. It has managed to penetrate each and every aspect of our lives and twitter has been no exception. Solutions for getting twitter likes are also very much available online.

There are entrepreneurs that identified a gap in the twitter market. They realized that so many of the twitter users would very much love to have so many twitter likes but they have not yet been able to gather the masses to get them likes. They thus opted to come to the rescue of these people. They provided automated likes. As a user, you will only be required to subscribe to the services of these entrepreneurs and each time you post any content on twitter, they will generate automatic likes for you. There are those that will do it for free and there are those that will charge you a small fee but at the end of the day it will be greatly worth it. Your visibility on twitter will be greatly increased.

Post Events and Get Twitter Likes

Have you been looking for a sure way to increase your twitter likes? Put your eras on the ground; that is not meant literally. You just need to keep your ear out for all the latest events. Ensure that you have an up to date diary of what will be happening where and when. People love to go out, people love to enjoy themselves. People are always looking for that one place where they can go and let loose and relieve all the stress from work, home and all other aspects of their lives.f2

If you are looking for a sure way to get twitter likes, be that person on twitter that everyone turns to get the latest information on which event will be happening where. You can collaborate with promoters and event organizers ad they can let you know what they will be organizing and you can post the information on your twitter page. Just make sure that the information is accurate and reliable. This will get you a big following as you can be sure that people out there are looking for places where they can get credible information on happening events.

NewsjackingTo Get 500 Twitter Followers.

The easiest way to attract more than 500 Twitter followers quickly is newsjacking the current big event taking place that is of interest to many people. This can be a reality show taking place, a football match, charity event or a music concert that everyone is watching. These are events that provide you the opportunity to be part of the conversation and attract more followers. You quickly identify the trending ones by checking the top hashtags in the timelines. It now calls for your creativity and imagination to dig yourself into the hashtag and gain some retweets to your way and you may get even up to 500 Twitter followers with just one tweet.

Effective newsjacking is only possible if you are tweeting a humorous or light-hearted content. Let it relate to the hashtag people are engaging in without necessarily deviating it. Let it be like a light moment away from the serious event taking place that people won’t be surprised but rather take it as a break. All you need is creativity and choosing the right moment to do so. That is why you need to be current and on top of the news at all times.

Is It Possible To Get 100 Twitter Followers In A Week?

No matter what your purpose is in opening a Twitter account, of course, you wish to have a number of followers who can share your posts with and reach out to a lot of other Twitter users out there that aren’t only limited to your loved ones and friends.

Should you wish to obtain say 100 Twitter followers in just a span of short period, there are effective ways on how to do so. Luckily, you can have more followers in Twitter as you wish if you will be able to write a great description in Twitter. In addition to this, it is crucial to subscribe to a few germane hashtags.

Other ways of getting approximately 100 Twitter followers in just a week time are sharing your very own content, retweeting some worth-sharing posts, following other Twitter users and of course you should also consider adding your own flair.

Take in mind that when you are following, ensure that you are following Twitter users who are assuredly creating relevant hashtags or posts that could yield vast amount of wonderful content.

Setting Strategies To Attract 1000 Twitter Followers.

The only way to achieve 1000 Twitter followers in a short period is by developing a strategy on this platform. If it was you following them, it could be done in few minutes since there are millions of users always online. But it is a complete opposite when seeking followers. The strategy here calls for your clear understanding of your goals on this platform and the target group you intend to reach via that Twitter handle you want the numbers for. It is through the above understanding that you will know how and when to tailor the keywords to fit your goals. Twitter is being used for digital marketing, blogging, social media or content marketing. All these seem similar but call for a different approach when seeking respective followers.


That is why you have to ensure that you got the right keywords if you intend to attract over 1000 Twitter followers. Always get the context of words being used to be right or you risk miscommunicating from the word go. It is here that you can incorporate best hashtags to your search for followers.